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Fundraiser Fun Casinos

A Fun Casino is uniquely positioned to make it perfect for Charity and Fundraising Events. It offers great entertainment whilst raising money for your chosen cause. A Charity Fun Casino is a legitimate way of generating funds for any cause at any event, with a proven track record. The casino tables create an entertaining atmosphere and generate excitement providing charities with an opportunity to raise substantial sums for their worthy cause.

We supply you with fun money (which can be personalised) which you can then sell to your guests, to exchange for casino chips at the casino tables. The amount you charge for the fun money is entirely up to you.

Players with the most chips at the end of the evening usually win prizes (often donated through sponsorship), although the quality of the prize(s) is often far less important than the opportunity to participate and enjoy being entertained by our friendly, professional croupiers.

To further increase the funds raised, you could ask local businesses to support your charity evening. They could sponsor a casino table or donate prizes for your guests to win. In return you could promote their company on the table with a sign or personalising the Fun Money with their company name and logo.

Please note.

  • It is your responsibility to organise the sale of Fun Money Vouchers. Sapphire Fun Casino staff will not handle any cash. Only Fun Money can be exchanged at the casino tables
  • Sapphire Fun Casino will charge the organiser a set fee for the hire of the entertainment and will not make any monetary gains from the money raised.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all monies raised after overheads have been met, is donated to your nominated cause.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that no cash prizes are awarded to the winners of the event.

Fundraiser Fun Casinos

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